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BRAIN ATTACK – Myths and Truths

Myth: Brain attack is a rare disease. Truth: Brain attack is the third most common cause of death and the leading cause of acquired disability in India. One in six people worldwide has a stroke in his lifetime with one person developing it every 45 seconds. Twenty lakh people suffer a brain attack in India […]

How is a brain attack connected to memory?

Brain attack or stroke (mythical names lakva, parsva vayu) is a sudden loss of brain function due to abnormalities in brain blood circulation. It is similar to a heart attack where the blood supply to the heart is abruptly cut-off, leading to chest pain. Though the symptoms of brain attack vary depending on which part […]

FAST action can fix a Brain Attack

FAST action can fix a Brain Attack

What is a Brain attack? A brain attack is the loss of brain function, many times permanentlydue to abnormalities in brain blood circulation. As the brain controls all bodily functions any sudden loss of its function results in an attack. A major brain attack is a life threatening condition similar to heart attack. ‘Stroke’ is […]

Aphasia: A fallout of a brain attack

Aphasia is an acquired inability to communicate, a common consequence of a brain attack. When the two areas on the left side of the brain, which control speech and comprehension are impaired we may lose all or several abilities like understanding, speaking, writing and reading. Aphasiais not a disease: it is a symptom of brain […]

Mini brain attack – a friend or foe?

Mini brain attack – a friend or foe?

As the master organ of the body the brain controls every single thing we do. From all motor movements to our ability to think, sense and feel, nothing is possible without the brain, A brain attack is a sudden loss of brain function due to deranged brain blood circulation. It is a life threatening condition. [...]

ICU is sacred space, enter only with positive energy

At ICUs, armed with a battery of gadgets, men battle fiercely for life, clinging to the faintest signs of hope and pushing science and skill to their extreme limits. In those super tense moments when intensivists fight with all their might to pull consciousness back into comatose brains, ICUs turn into a spiritual space, where […]

Would you want doctors or chemists to decide the medicines you take?

Let me start by nailing the canard that the medical community is somehow allergic to the concept of prescribing medicines generically rather than by their brand names…that is, for example, prescribing Fexofenadine instead of ‘Allegra’ ‘Agimfast’ or `Alafree’. This is pure fiction far removed from reality; fact is that an overwhelming majority of doctors are […]

Treating a 110-year young Saint

Sri Sri Shivakumara Swamiji of Siddaganga mutt is well known for his simplicity, austerity and exemplary saintly life and attributes. He is a role model to all saints and people in Karnataka adore him as The Walking God. At 109 he developed fever and jaundice due to obstruction of the common bile duct…all other parameters […]

Mind-Reading: An unending pursuit of divine powers

Even as global social media bellwether Facebook talks of a technology that may turn human thoughts into written words with no physical intervention, it is time to revisit the exotic space of mind-reading. For centuries humans have sought to read minds either with supra-natural mental powers, acquired through ages of tapasya, or very advanced technologies, […]