Who is responsible for your Head?

Who is responsible for your Head? YOURSELF? LAW ? GOD ? Infact in India none of them are responsible. Look at the other side of the world. It’s time to realize that your safety is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY Wear helmets including pillions and cyclists Don’t drive in the middle of the road Ensure safety at crossings, […]

How to live in a Smart city

Every time I travel abroad I feel with growing anguish that with each passing day our standards are slipping. The gap between us and the developed world is large and (unfortunately) appears to be widening all the time. At this rate I am afraid we are destined to remain stuck with the moniker of ‘underdeveloped […]

When on Yama: Ride carefully

Big, powerful bikes are the stuff of youth dreams. Speed and style are what gets their adrenaline pumping. However, shouldn’t safety be a part of the ‘style’ statement? It should but is NOT. The shameful accident record of our cities shows that impressing girls with style and stunts is a far more important ethic for […]

Lets Dump The Killing Humps

Roads play a significant role in Safety. Regardless of how overpopulated a nation is, people will always be its most valuable resource and ensuring their safety has to be, therefore, a collective responsibility involving each one of us. First, our roads need to be engineered around clear, safety-oriented concepts and then its users must adhere […]

Brain and the elusive concept of consciousness

The brain is a marvel of nature. Nestled inside its protective embrace are among the most precious tissues of the living world that enable special talents and functions, connecting us seamlessly both to internal needs and external demands. The brain integrates a two-dimensional body, a three-dimensional mind and a multi-dimensional universe into an experience called […]

We are independent but are we free?

More than six decades ago India gained independence, meaning freedom from colonial governance. On this day in 2015 as we celebrate our tryst with destiny, it is indeed time to salute a whole generation of leaders from across all divides who led millions of Indians in an unprecedented show of human solidarity against the Raj […]

A P J Kalam: The legend lives on

To us the former President was like family. We met every once in a memorable while, dined together and created some indelible memories. I even sang for him once at the end of a much delayed meeting, at 12 in the night, on his request. So, even as the country bleeds tears on his sudden […]

Time for doctors to play a larger social role

Securing the health of a nation and of its people is inarguably the responsibility of a state, as inarguably as securing its territorial integrity. But ensuring the health of 125 crore people, most of them poor people living in wretched conditions, is a mind boggling task and can be beyond the powers of even the […]

Yoga for health, peace & universal well-being

For every Indian, the celebration of June 21 as International Yoga Day should be a matter of particular pride. I say ‘particular’ because there are few concepts that are so traditionally Indian and yet as ubiquitously global as Yoga…a physical, mental and spiritual practice, evolved by sadhus and rishis over many centuries of penance that […]

Head transplantation: The myth and reality

In Hindu mythology, the almighty Shiva is said to have ‘transplanted’ an elephant’s head on Lord Ganesha, in what is the first recorded instance of a feat that has thus far failed to break out of the realms of science fiction. Unfazed, however, visionary neurosurgeons around the world have spent whole lifetimes in pursuit of […]