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Brain Attack

Globally more people are falling to strokes than ever before and the numbers are only rising making them the leading cause of disability and an important contributor to health care burden and costs. Two hundred / lakh population suffer from strokes resulting in death or, worse, crippling disability. Every year, the number of new cases […]

When in doubt, a Second Opinion could save your life

“In the digital world of electronic health records, easy data upload and video conferencing you can get an expert second opinion with the click of a few buttons. It is no longer necessary to travel long distances to personally consult doctors for an opinion.” — Dr NK Venkataramana, Chief Neurosurgeon & Founder, Brains Hospital, Bangalore […]

Neuro-Endoscopy : Minimal invasion, Maximum results

When we think of endoscopy, we invariably think of a tool used for diagnosing gastro or urological conditions. Seldom, if ever, do we associate endoscopy with the brain or spine, although this technology has been used for both diagnosing and treating neurological disorders for nearly three decades. When I started endoscopic surgeries in the early […]

BRAIN ATTACK – Myths and Truths

Myth: Brain attack is a rare disease. Truth: Brain attack is the third most common cause of death and the leading cause of acquired disability in India. One in six people worldwide has a stroke in his lifetime with one person developing it every 45 seconds. Twenty lakh people suffer a brain attack in India […]

How is a brain attack connected to memory?

Brain attack or stroke (mythical names lakva, parsva vayu) is a sudden loss of brain function due to abnormalities in brain blood circulation. It is similar to a heart attack where the blood supply to the heart is abruptly cut-off, leading to chest pain. Though the symptoms of brain attack vary depending on which part […]

FAST action can fix a Brain Attack

FAST action can fix a Brain Attack

What is a Brain attack? A brain attack is the loss of brain function, many times permanentlydue to abnormalities in brain blood circulation. As the brain controls all bodily functions any sudden loss of its function results in an attack. A major brain attack is a life threatening condition similar to heart attack. ‘Stroke’ is […]

Aphasia: A fallout of a brain attack

Aphasia is an acquired inability to communicate, a common consequence of a brain attack. When the two areas on the left side of the brain, which control speech and comprehension are impaired we may lose all or several abilities like understanding, speaking, writing and reading. Aphasiais not a disease: it is a symptom of brain […]

Mini brain attack – a friend or foe?

Mini brain attack – a friend or foe?

As the master organ of the body the brain controls every single thing we do. From all motor movements to our ability to think, sense and feel, nothing is possible without the brain, A brain attack is a sudden loss of brain function due to deranged brain blood circulation. It is a life threatening condition. [...]

ICU is sacred space, enter only with positive energy

At ICUs, armed with a battery of gadgets, men battle fiercely for life, clinging to the faintest signs of hope and pushing science and skill to their extreme limits. In those super tense moments when intensivists fight with all their might to pull consciousness back into comatose brains, ICUs turn into a spiritual space, where […]