Golden Hour Team at Accident Spot

An under-construction building collapsed killing 4 and leaving several injured at Kasavanahalli, off Sarjapur Road on Thursday. Armed with four trained staff and three nurses the Golden Hour team from Brains Hospital reached the accident spot around 10.00 pm in order to provide the required medical services to those affected during the ‘golden hour’. Golden [...]
Why does sleep deprivation affect some more than others?

Why does sleep deprivation affect some more than others?

Losing sleep is never a good idea. It has adverse health consequences on everyone if the deprivation is chronic or regular. However, some people are affected more than others for reasons that scientists are just starting to uncover. “The uneven affect of sleep deprivation among different people may be owing to our varied genetic make-up,” […]

'zombie cells' could check Parkinson’s

Purging ‘zombie cells’ could check Parkinson’s

A trial has revealed that it may be possible to stave off Parkinson’s disease by flushing out zombie cells from the brain, signalling a fresh approach to treating this incurable neurodegenerative disease that disables and kills thousands of people around the world every year. The new study conducted on mice promises to open a new […]

Walk-active Not Talkative Nation-news

Walk-active Not Talkative Nation

Let’s make our talk walk for safety sake! The best cities in the world are taking to walking like never before. We are motoring in the opposite direction with 150,000 road kills annually. Read this for health and safety For more read

Breakthrough in treating neurodegenerative diseases

Breakthrough in treating neurodegenerative diseases

The future for patients of Alzheimer’s and other similar diseases has until recently been hopelessly bleak. But a new class of drugs promises to dispel the sense of despair surrounding these neurodegenerative diseases that inexorably strip patents of their memories, personalities and ability to move and speak before finally killing them. The drugs showed their [...]
Exciting! New drugs slow Huntington’s progress

Exciting! New drugs slow Huntington’s progress

In what is being hailed as ground-breaking, science has found a drug that promises to slow down the progress of Huntington’s, a thus far incurable genetic illness that kills brain cells. The drug retards the disorder by suppressing the effect of Huntington’s genetic mutation. This is the first drug to show any such promise and […]

Brains-Sparsh Hospital hosts Frontiers in Medicine-2018 event

Sparsh Hospital in association with Dignity Foundation, a Mumbai-based organisation dedicated to offering life-enriching services to senior citizens, organised an eventcalled ‘Frontiers in Medicine-2018’ at the Brains Sparsh Hospital on Infantry Road in Bangalore on January 19. The event saw enthusiastic participation of over a 100 Dignity Foundation members, all of them above 60, through [...]

KSRTC signs MOU With Golden Hour Trust For Training Programme

In a landmark development, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) announced a far-reaching agreement with Golden Hour, a leading Ban-galore-based provider of life-saving medical emergency services, at a well-attended function in the city on January 12. The collaboration will considerably enhance passenger safety across KSRTC’s large fleet of buses. The event was presided over [...]

Golden Hour gets BLISS on board KSRTC

Your ride on a KSRTC bus is about to get even safer. In an exemplary move, the leading government-run bus operator has tied up with Golden Hour to empower its drivers and conductors with essential life-saving skills. Under the arrangement, Golden Hour will train thousands of KSRTC staff who man its large fleet of inter-state […]

Slowed walking signals cognitive decline: Study

Slowed walking signals cognitive decline: Study

A new study says that slowed walking speed could be indicative of cognitive decline that appears to arise in the right hippocampus, a finger-shaped region buried deep in the brain at ear-level, thought to be the centre of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system. Based on the authors of the study at the University […]