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Stroke programme at BRAINS

BRAINS Hospital has initiated a dedicated, comprehensive programme for Brain-attack (Stroke). At the moment the health care burden due to stroke is huge. Every year 2 million people are getting affected. Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the world as on today. With the increasing life span as well as risk factors like Diabetes and Hypertension the burden is only increasing further year after year. At the same time all the advanced research and understanding is not getting translated to the benefit of society. Also it is to be noted that primarily stroke is preventable. Secondly, the disability following a stroke is again controllable. Thirdly, stroke isn’t a onetime event in life. It can strike again and again making the matters worse. The recovery rate continues to be poor in our country due to lack of awareness and timely action. Time is very crucial factor that determines the ultimate outcome, extent of recovery as well as time taken to it.

In the light of above mentioned problems BRAINS Hospital is launching first of its kind programme that provides 360 degree care for this condition. The dedicated Stroke team at BRAINS is committed to fight this burning problem addressing all relevant factors influencing the management currently. We have established technology, process, protocol, systems, training, call centre, awareness, advocacy, continuity of care in acute, chronic and long term including rehabilitation, follow up and monitoring. The single most aim is to prevent a stroke in high risk people, if not get them back to the society as normal as possible.

In order to take this special movement forward we look forward to your support and participation. This will benefit many individuals by improving the quality of life and the society at large.

Who should Register:
  • Everyone should register for information and to be part of the programme.

  • Compulsory for all those who had a stroke or brain haemorrhage.

  • You can also register for those you know suffering from Brain attack present or in the past.

  • You can tell your friends and relatives too.

  • Emergency help line will be 9148080000 for any kind of assistance at all times.

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  • To be part of awareness and preventive programmes

  • Access to – Online risk evaluation periodically.

  • Access to specialist consults and periodic alerts.

  • Free access to all our education programs including training of the care givers.

  • Access to support group & group meetings.

  • Other benefits from time to time on various aspects of diagnostics, screening programmes, treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Online long term monitoring services.

  • Access to interactive website to get quick solutions to your personalized problems.

  • Priority appointments with the specialists.

  • Access to comprehensive care apart from the medical care to bring out the best out of every stroke victim.


For any help dial 9148080000.

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