Music Therapy

Music and Brain

Just as innovative brains have contributed to the evolution of music, music too has had a huge influence on the evolution of the brain. Though there is sufficient evidence tracing the origins of music back to pre-historic times, the details remain hazy. However, there is no doubt that music did exist in the distant past, […]

Music and Spirituality

Music enthralls the body, calms the mind and heightens our sense of pleasure, often carrying us on an ever rising tide of melody to levels of ecstasy, marked by a number of blissful emotions. Scientists have studied several neural structures that receive and spread the stimuli of sound through our minds and body. So powerful […]

The divine power of music

Music is godly—a celestial path to attaining and experiencing divinity. From times immemorial, the idea of humanity has resonated with music in much the same way as it has with divinity. Every known culture on earth has had its own music, making it almost as fundamental to life as walking and talking. Though details are […]

Music with cloud seeding

Dr K J Yesudas, well known classical and playback singer, set the right vibrations at the 77th Sri Ramanavami celebrations in Bangalore. The concert began on a warm summer day in a venue crammed with a large gathering of music aficionados. The atmosphere was electric if a little oppressive. However, no sooner did the master […]