A P J Kalam: The legend lives on

To us the former President was like family. We met every once in a memorable while, dined together and created some indelible memories. I even sang for him once at the end of a much delayed meeting, at 12 in the night, on his request. So, even as the country bleeds tears on his sudden […]

Spine is a complex neural structure, not a bone

Spine is not a bunch of bones. It is instead a complex channel of nerves that ferry millions of signals between body and the brain. Bones serve the function of mere protection, apart from providing stability to stand. They protect the spine just like the ribs protect the heart and the skull protects the brain. […]

The brain and the mechanics of memory

If the human brain is the crown jewel of creation and evolution, then memory is its most prized quality. It is an attribute that invests humans with special skills. Because of how important it is, memory is often a subject of concern among most of us, and developing a sharp memory a major desire. The […]

How to be ‘brainy’ at the exams

With examinations round the corner, memory is again at the centre of public discourse. Find out how your memory works from the mind of leading neurosurgeon, Dr N K Venkataramanaa. Memory involves neural, electrical and chemical processes among others and several steps like registration, consolidation, storage (retention) and recollection. Registration depends upon the attention span, […]

Cities with a happy mind

In many ways, a city’s culture is a reflection of the collective mindset of its people. Though it might not always be obvious, the way a city looks, feels and functions is, in most cases, a physical manifestation of its mental attitude: countless neuronal-waves rendered into roads, parks, gardens, buildings and, most importantly, human conduct. […]

Headers hit the brains of footballers

Can you imagine 22 bobbing skullcaps on a football ground? Well, if latest neuroscience research on the effect of all the head-banging that happens in the sport is anything to go by then the Messis of the world could be playing the beautiful game wearing head guards in not too distant a future, much like […]