Brains Centre launch at Suyog Hospital Mysuru

Brains centre launch at Suyog Hospital Mysuru

The future of neuro and spine care has arrived in Mysore with Brains starting its state-of-the-art super-specialty centre at the Suyog Hospital. This centre of excellence will offer gold standard care for all brain and spine conditions round-the-clock backed by cutting edge technology and world renowned doctors. The inauguration of Brains in Mysore comes a [...]

Commercial Biscuits/Drinks in the market – a boon or a bane

What prompted me to write this post ?? Well, I came across a post where some public health experts in India have urged a popular actor in the country to dissociate himself in recommending a particular brand of commercial biscuits to children. WHY? It undermines nutrition from natural foods for children and this particular brand […]

Cell phones put teens at risk

World Brain Tumor Day: Constant exposure to mobile phone radiation is dangerous for teens and children. It leads to rise in brain tumors. Dr NK Venkatarmana explains about the risk and preventive aspects in an article published in the Deccan Chronicle. Click here.

oncology Centre at Bengaluru

Brains starts Specialty Neuro Oncology Centre

The future of Brain tumour is now here, in Bangalore. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and manned by eminent neuro oncology specialists this one-of-its-kind centre is designed to offer cutting edge, comprehensive brain tumour care. The new centre will bring to patients the latest in the diagnosis, treatment and intensive management of all kinds of brain [...]
World Environment Day

World Environment Day 2018

World Environment Day: 40% of all diseases are caused by environmental pollution. How do we prevent this? In a published article Dr. NK Venkataramana says it’s all in your head: simply by reconditioning your brain you can transform your environment and gift yourself a healthy and happy life. Find out how World Environment Day 2018: [...]

Nipah virus affects the brain; Ways to keep the virus at bay

Over 11 people have succumbed to Nipah virus in Kerala in the past couple of days. This has spread panic across the country, more so in the neighbouring states. Dr. NK Venkataramana sheds light on the deadly virus its effects and preventive measures in articles published by media. Click here to read more...
Brains Second Opinion

Be Safe not Sorry, take a Second Opinion

There is just one expert view on second opinion: take it every time you are diagnosed with a serious health condition, particularly those involving the brain or any vital organ. For long it was pure common sense: If we don’t think twice about seeking a second opinion on a car we wish to buy, then […]

Campaigning takes a health toll on Karnataka politicians

Even as the race for power hots up in Karnataka the stress of fighting a fierce electoral battle might overwhelm even the most robust politician. So, how do political campaigners manage the physical and mental ordeal of fighting an election? Leading neurosurgeon and founder of Brains Dr. NK Venkataramana shares a few tips that might […]