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Nipah virus affects the brain; Ways to keep the virus at bay

Over 11 people have succumbed to Nipah virus in Kerala in the past couple of days. This has spread panic across the country, more so in the neighbouring states. Dr. NK Venkataramana sheds light on the deadly virus its effects and preventive measures in articles published by media. Click here to read more...

Campaigning takes a health toll on Karnataka politicians

Even as the race for power hots up in Karnataka the stress of fighting a fierce electoral battle might overwhelm even the most robust politician. So, how do political campaigners manage the physical and mental ordeal of fighting an election? Leading neurosurgeon and founder of Brains Dr. NK Venkataramana shares a few tips that might […]

Sonia Singh with Dr NK Venkataramana:Back to winning ways

Brain tumour survivor bags state-level beauty pageant title

Brain tumor isn’t the end of life. If you have the will, you can fight against the deadly disease and stand victorious. Being positive in life and moving ahead is all that is needed, says, Sonia Singh, a brain tumor survivor and winner of Mrs Iindia Karnataka Congeniality 2018, in a recent article published in […]

Food for Thought: National Conference on Neuro-nutrition

Food for Thought: National Conference on Neuro-nutrition

To highlight the importance of neuro-nutrition, the Indian Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (IAPEN) and the Bangalore-based Brains Hospital organised a national conference on neuro-nutrition on Wednesday, April 25. Nutrition is an integral part of healing and maintenance of health, specifically in critically ill neuro-patients. The absence of correct feeding practices in ICU patients […]

Winning in sports: More brain than brawn

Winning in sports: More brain than brawn

How did 22-year-old newcomer Monika Batra beat the world No 4 table tennis player twice over an incredible week? How did 16-year-old Manu Bakar demolish a field of Olympic champions? With their mental strength! The incredible success of India’s sporting heroes at the recent Commomwealth Games was as much owing to their skills as their […]

World Parkinson's Day 2018

Brains marks Parkinson’s Day with an empowering event

A large number of Parkinson’s patients, their care-givers and newsmen from leading media organisations were present at a special event organised by the Brains Hospitals to mark the World Parkinson’s Day on April 7. At this widely attended and reported event, leading neuro-specialists and other experts spoke about the latest advances in the global fight […]

Sonia Singh: A real life story of guts and resolve

Sonia Singh with Dr NK Venkataramana:Back to winning ways

Being diagnosed with a serious brain disease can prove nerve-shattering to most. But well-known public face Sonia Singh was clearly made of sterner stuff. Not only did Sonia, a mother of a three-month infant when she heard about her condition, take the news in her stride, but she remained strong every step of the way. […]

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