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Unique Golden Hour workshop at Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan school

Golden Hour, the Bangalore-based initiative with a growing network of life-saving medical emergency centres across the city, organised a workshop at the school, designed to…
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Brains stroke screening clinic a big success

Coinciding with the World Stroke Day on October 29, Brains a flagship centre for advanced Level-3 neuro and spine care based in the heart of…
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Brains is now even easier to reach

Now world class neuro and spine care comes to your doorstep with Brains expanding rapidly across a network of full-fledged centres and outpatient clinics all…
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Slowed walking signals cognitive decline: Study

A new study says that slowed walking speed could be indicative of cognitive decline that appears to arise in the right hippocampus, a finger-shaped region buried deep in the brain at ear-level,…
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Controlling traffic on cellular highways

New treatments for spinal cord injuries and #neurodegenerative diseases may be arriving on the back of recent findings of researchers at the New Jersey based Rutgers University. Protein motors or kinesins or…
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Depression is linked to weight of women

A new study says that women afflicted with eating disorders because of anorexia or obesity have low levels of a metabolic product responsible for mood maladies. Called allopregnanolone, (allo for short) allo…
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BRAIN ATTACK – Myths and Truths

Myth: Brain attack is a rare disease. Truth: Brain attack is the third most common cause of death and the leading cause of acquired disability in India. One in six people worldwide…
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How is a brain attack connected to memory?

Brain attack or stroke (mythical names lakva, parsva vayu) is a sudden loss of brain function due to abnormalities in brain blood circulation. It is similar to a heart attack where the…
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FAST action can fix a Brain Attack

What is a Brain attack? A brain attack is the loss of brain function, many times permanentlydue to abnormalities in brain blood circulation. As the brain controls all bodily functions any sudden…
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Whats's New in Golden Hour

CONDUCTED: Maiden training session for people who respond first to a medical emergency, called First Responder training at the Sri Jnanakshi Public School. Forty teachers benefited from this initiative.



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Patient Stories

How little Raiyaan found ‘healthy’ reasons to laugh
Mohommed Raiyaan was just three months old when his parents first heard him burst into what seemed like uncontrolled, loud laughter. Instead of being happy, they sensed that everything was not normal with their child’s guffaw: it appeared to start without any reason and last for minutes on end. Read more…
Raiyaan’s parent
Brains has changed my life
This is the story of a 40-year-old patient of a serious brain disorder called right mesial temporal (RMT) sclerosis. In his own words the patient, Saneerappa A B, who lives on the outskirts of Bangalore, describes how his difficult battle with this serious condition took a dramatic turn for the better after he met Dr N K Venkataramana, the Founder and Chief Neurosurgeon of Brains in December 2016. read more…