Dr Venkataramana speaks at global conference on modern neuro-care

The Chief Neurosurgeon and Founder Brains, Dr N K Venkataramana was a lead participant by invitation at the prestigious Key Opinion Leaders Conference conducted recently…
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Golden Hour Team at Accident Spot

An under-construction building collapsed killing 4 and leaving several injured at Kasavanahalli, off Sarjapur Road on Thursday. Armed with four trained staff and three nurses…
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Total solution for autoimmune disorders

Brains Hospital has set up a specialised centre for comprehensive care of patients suffering from autoimmune neurological disorders at its flagship neuro-spine centre on Infantry…
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Why does sleep deprivation affect some more than others?

Losing sleep is never a good idea. It has adverse health consequences on everyone if the deprivation is chronic or regular. However, some people are affected more than others for reasons that…
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Purging ‘zombie cells’ could check Parkinson’s

A trial has revealed that it may be possible to stave off by flushing out zombie cells from the brain, signalling a fresh approach to treating this incurable
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Breakthrough in treating neurodegenerative diseases

The future for patients of Alzheimer’s and other similar diseases has until recently been hopelessly bleak. But a new class of drugs promises to dispel the sense of despair surrounding these neurodegenerative…
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Brain Attack

Globally more people are falling to strokes than ever before and the numbers are only rising making them the leading cause of disability and an important contributor to health care burden and…
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When in doubt, a Second Opinion could save your life

“In the digital world of electronic health records, easy data upload and video conferencing you can get an expert second opinion with the click of a few buttons. It is no longer…
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Neuro-Endoscopy : Minimal invasion, Maximum results

When we think of endoscopy, we invariably think of a tool used for diagnosing gastro or urological conditions. Seldom, if ever, do we associate endoscopy with the brain or spine, although this…
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Whats's New in Golden Hour

GoldenHour will put thousands of KSRTC drivers through a scientifically crafted fitness boot-camp designed to improve their concentration levels and thereby make bus travel even safer.
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Patient Stories

Thanks to Brains and their expert doctors, I am now doing fine
It was just another day in the life of my father late in September,” says the son of Syed Ziaulla, 55. “Or seemed to be until he was felled by a vicious headache that never went away. It was recurrent, persistent and intolerable.  Read more…
Syed Ziaulla
We are happy because the doctor saved my mother
For many months my mother felt constantly tired and had difficulty in even walking,” says the daughter of 70-year-old Gowramma. “A doctor in our Jayanagar neighbourhood prescribed an MRI, which revealed a tumour (tentorial meningioma). Read more…
Daughter of Gowramma
How little Raiyaan found ‘healthy’ reasons to laugh
Mohommed Raiyaan was just three months old when his parents first heard him burst into what seemed like uncontrolled, loud laughter. Instead of being happy, they sensed that everything was not normal with their child’s guffaw: it appeared to start without any reason and last for minutes on end. Read more…
Raiyaan’s parent
Brains has changed my life
This is the story of a 40-year-old patient of a serious brain disorder called right mesial temporal (RMT) sclerosis. In his own words the patient, Saneerappa A B, who lives on the outskirts of Bangalore, describes how his difficult battle with this serious condition took a dramatic turn for the better after he met Dr N K Venkataramana, the Founder and Chief Neurosurgeon of Brains in December 2016. read more…
Awake Brain Surgery: The story of a young patient
On the morning of June 26 this year Mahipal Solanki, a 25-year-old home appliance entrepreneur lay on a bed, relaxing over his favourite Bollywood numbers. Hovering over him were faces covered in blue surgical masks, their deft fingers working inside his brain, removing deadly cancer cells. “I couldn’t feel any pain,” says Solanki with audible read more…
Mahipal Solanki
Seeing is believing…meet a patient who recovered sight and hope in just a week
From complete loss of eyesight to 6/6 vision, the turnaround in the medical fortunes of 44-year-old Sindhu K B, a patient of pituitary tumour, may seem like an “act of god” to many. But to the super-specialists at BRAINS, it’s all in a day’s dedicated work! Yes, when this middle-aged woman from the small, picturesque read more…
Sindhu K B
Thanks to DBS, Parkinson’s patient is up and about
A 61-year-old patient of Parkinson’s disease approached us for help with symptoms ranging from progressively reducing mobility to difficulty in walking (bradykinesia), and tremors that chiefly affected his hands. He had been suffering from these degenerative symptoms for 15 years. Over the last four years, he had nearly lost his ability to write as well. read more…
Parkinson’s patient
Thanks for putting our lives back on track!
Mr Girija Prasad recalls feelingly, “for four years my wife, Vijaya, endured hell…often all it took was a mere touch or some noise to trigger it off…stabs of excruciating pain that would strike the right side of her face like violent electric shocks and leave her writhing in agony. Until then we had never even read more…
Mr Girija Prasad
“Back” to normal from the brink
“When the back spasms first hit me, I thought it was just a passing niggle—something that would settle down with some rest,” says 39-year-old Bangalore resident Ravi Kumar. “But that alas was not to be. The pain only kept getting worse until I could barely move at all. It was excruciating, immobilizing pain that clearly read more…
Mr. Ravi Kumar
My daughter is now fit and fine thanks to Brains
“Our daughter Sundis was only 11 when we saw it happen for the first time. One moment she was up and about, dancing happily around our living room, and then the very next, she was down on the floor— limbs rigid, mouth frothing, her whole body convulsing. As we rushed to her we could see read more…
Sundis's Parents
After years I am free of pain and feel liberated, all because of BRAINS
“When my husband first complained of severe headaches nearly three years ago, we thought it was just one of those things…after all who doesn’t get a headache?” says Passion Iorun looking relaxed inside a private room at the Hospitals in Bangalore where her husband, 46-year-old Justin is recovering from brain surgery. “He anyway liked to read more…
Justin's Wife
The remarkable story of Baby Haritha in the words of her mother
When Haritha was one-year-old, she was not able to identify or grasp any object. She was poor at recognizing people around her including her parents and was not able to comprehend spoken words. We were told that she was stricken with cerebral palsy—a phrase we had never heard before but was to become a part read more…
Haritha's Mother